Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How, Where And When It All Starts

It was Sunday morning on January..... (I couldn't remember the date but somewhere at the end of the month if I'm not mistaken). On our way to somewhere (again, I couldn't remember), he hold my hand and ask me whether we should buy an engagement ring. (Tadaaaa...) I was like.... what??? The conversations between me and 5rz :-

5rz : Syg.. (While holding my hand, ok x islamic ckit kt sini!!!) Kte g beli cincin tunang nk?
Ayu : Ha??? (Making my shocking face but deep in my heart I was like, weee~~~. Then I remain silent for a while....................................................) Kenapa tiba2?
5rz : Tiba2 ape? Mmg nk tunang pon kn?
Ayu : B dh ckp ngan mak ayah belum?
5rz : Belum.
Ayu : Ckp la dulu then br kte g beli cincin ok?
5rz : Beli jela dulu utk prepare.
Ayu : X payah la. Syg x nk prepare ape2 selagi B x ckp ngan mak n ayah. Nnti syg get too excited to wear the ring tau. So cam x best la kn?
5rz : Senyum then diam je......................

Then after that we all pun menuju ke destinasi which I really can't remember where. Duh!! At home, I'm thinking about what 5rz said earlier. Deep in my heart, seriously Ayu mmg excited nk tunang. Hey who doesn't?
Then two weeks after that, time Subuh2 before he went back to Malaca for work, he told his mom about the 'plan'. (He's too afraid to let his father know first. Hahaha I don't know why) Later during lunch, he called and said "B dh bgtau kt mak and mak ckp nnti dia bncg ngan ayah" (Double wee~~) Oh before I forgot, that time nearly chinese new year.

On the 12th of February 2010, he went back from Malaca. He went off early that day, so he was at my offc to pick me up. Than after that, we have our dinner and guess what??? Terserempak plak ngan kwn lama kteorg, Imran. Imran said that 5rz makin gemuk which is so true. :D I was on duty the very next day (13th February 2010) Duh!! Malas amat dong. Then mcm biasa la, dgn penuh harapan yg mengunung, harap2 5rz dpt ambik Ayu from work. Then he text me :-

"B tau syg nk suruh B ambik syg kn? Sorry la B x boleh la. B ada hal nk kena bwk mak g Rawang nk jmpa pakcik utk discuss psl kte"

Saya tersenyum simpul while reading the msg. Hehehe :)

Around 3 pm, he text me again saying :-

"Mak nk dtg merisik cuti ni (CNY Hols) And mak ckp nk wat majlis tunang bln 3 ni"

I loike it more baby! That was my plan actually to do the ceremony on March! Yeay~~
On that day itself, I went dinner with my family at Nandos, KLCC. Then bermula la debaran to make an annoucement.

Ayu : Ayah ngan mak ada x Isnin ni?
Ayah : Ada nape?
Ayu : Hmm (drum plz........................................................) X de family 5rz nk dtg merisik Isnin ni boleh?
Mak : Nk dtg merisik? (Nada terkejut. I'm more to my mom. Drama queen but I'm worst! Haha) Dh nk tunang ke?
Ayu : Hmm (angguk2 geleng2. eh x. angguk2 je)
Mak : Nk dtg kul brape?
Ayu : Ntah suka hati la mak ayah nk suruh dia dtg kul brape?
Mak : Wat ptg senang la kn? Lps Asar? Betul x?
Ayu : Hmm Ayu pon rasa. Senang. (Padahal malas nk msk lauk bagai. Hi tea senang ckit)
Ayah : Hmm boleh la. Dtg Isnin lps Asar.
Mak : Nk kena wat pape ke?
Ayu : Msk simple2 dh la mak. Wat mee hoon ke. Tmbh la kuih2 ckit. 5rz pon x beli cincin risik lg. Esk br nk beli.
Ayah : X payah la cincin risik. Kasi cincin tunang terus (I prefer this actually. I don't want my fingers covered with the crowd of jewelleries.)
Mak : Eh biarlah 5rz nk kasi cincin. (Huhu......)
Then that was it.
We manage to get the ring and siap ada ukir nama Fairuz & Ayu lg. My tips for risik:-
  1. Wat se simple boleh dh laPlan awal2 (Mine was quite late)
  2. Klu boleh survey harga emas awal2 supaya x t'kejut time nk beli cincin nnti. Skrg emas naik. :(
  3. Utk risik beli cincin belah rotan dh la. But it's up to everybody jgk. Klu ada rezeki lebih ape salahnya.
  4. Wat time merisik after Asar so that you don't have to cook too much and again it's all depends. Some people wat merisik skali ngan tunang and some people seperate those two ceremony (Mcm Ayu la. Wat asing2 even tho my first plan was to combine it together)
  5. X payah la ajk ramai2. Merisik je br.

And so majlis pon berjln ngan lancar (Eh tetiba karangan ni dh jd karangan rojak! Adeh!) Saya telah dirisik on 15th March 2010 and no picture was taken from that day. It was really simple ceremony (Ask my friend Niza) The funny thing that I still can remember during that day was the conversation between my dad and 5rz.

Ayah : 5rz betul nk Ayu ni?
5rz : Hmm.... (I guess he was smiling during this)
Ayah : Betul ni? Dh tau perangai Ayu ni?
Mean while, Niza and I was laughing malu2 gitu. Adeh ayah ni pon. Huhu.....

{From Ayu with ♥}

Friday, March 26, 2010

For The Start

Salam and hello there. Ayu here. Thank you for dropping by. I created this blog as a journey of my life. (Perasan nye... cam Paris Hilton plak! Ahaks!) I started this blog quite late since my engagement day. I want to share everything about my engagement preparations as a guideline for others out there especially fiances-to-be. (Haha what a crap!) So next entry, I will update more about my engagement prep okies?

{From Ayu with ♥}
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