Monday, August 30, 2010

Karipap Ikea

Last week kebetulan abg ada reunion iftar kt area Damansara. Ape lg suruh kakak ipar msg suruh beli karipap Ikea. The best karipap ever! What so special about this karipap? Inti dia sedap plus dlm inti dia ada letak telur rebus. Saiz pun besar. Hmpr besar ngan tapak tgn den. Dh besar mestilah price pun besar kn? Klu x silap harga dia RM 1. RM 0.90 to be exact. Waaa… skrg ni kepingin karipap Ikea tu lg.

Satu lg yg best org kate meatball Ikea tp Ayu x pnah dpt merasa lg. Harga pun lebih kurang ngan karipap Ikea tula. What so special about the meatball tu plak eh? Sodap ke x? The best ever ke? Mintak tlg kongsi kt sini klu sape2 sudi eh? Thanks

ps://Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Yg ke 53!

{From Ayu with ♥}

Friday, August 27, 2010

Perlu ke Buat Begini?

I was on my way back from somewhere when I saw this couple.

I don’t care if they’re married but still I hate to see a view like this. Am I jealous much? X la it just meluat la but I do admire looking at an old folks walking together while their hand are joined tightly. I don’t mind if there were madly in love (even if they’re married) but still seeing kaki bersilang silang mcm tu in front of public it just too much. 5rz is standing beside me but hey x dela plak Ayu nk suruh 5rz selitkn kaki dia kt tgh2 kaki den! How about you guys? Am I over reacted here? What say you? (Haha nk jd cam master Yoda dlm starwars ckp terbalik terbalik)

ps:// This entry also to myself jgk yg x la baik sgt.

{From Ayu with ♥}

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CiMB Officer

I’m making this entry at 6 in the morning after sahur. Yesterday I went to CiMB to collect my money that I receive from one of my overseas’ customer. As usual, once you open the main door, their officer will greet you by saying “Good afternoon miss. How may I help you bla bla bla” I don’t know about the officers that you having in your area but in my area, they were always like that. I guess they been trained to be like that. It’s part of their job as a customer service.

I take out one of the form there and fill up my particulars. Once done, the officer that greets me earlier was not there. I’m dealing with the other officer.

“Saya nk collect duit dr overseas” That officer looked at my form and then he press A. There’s A to D.

Then I waited until my turn. X lama pun. Dlm 2 3 org mcm tu. Then when my number was called, I hand over my form and the lady said

“Adik tekan salah nombor ni”
“Bkn saya yg tekan kak. Dia yg tekan” Smbl pndg kt mamat depan tu.
“Hmm dia org baru so adik kena ambik nombor skali lg la dik”

What happen when you in my shoes? Meradang x sudah or redha je and take another number plus you have to wait some more? I was in a rush actually but still masih boleh b’sabar. I can just say

“Hey you know what? It’s not my fault that I get this number. He’s the one who press this number for me. If he’s new, then I guest the company not trained him so well didn’t they? I’m here now and you asking me to take another number and wait again? No. I want you to serve me right away!”

I can always say that if I want but I don’t want to make any scene and plus I think I can forgive the new staff. Yes the company should train him well but he’s just a person and I’ve been in his shoes before. Lg teruk kena marah with this Chinese guy. :'(  So x pelah. Mengalah and take another number. This time the officer was not there so I press B (Western Union).

While waiting for my turn, there’s the earlier officer coming (the one who greet me earlier) one by one at the customers. Mcm2 la mamat ni ckp.

“Puan dh ambik no? Tggu sebentar ye puan. Sebentar lg kte akn serve puan ye. Ada pape lg yg boleh saya bantu?"

“Encik dh ambik no? Tggu sebentar ye encik. Sebentar lg no encik akn dipanggil. Ada pape lg yg boleh saya bantu sementara tggu giliran encik?"

Sorg2 la mamat ni dok tanya kt semua customer kt situ. Ngan Ayu pun x terkecuali.

“Oh you here to collect money from overseas miss?” Dia nmpk form yg Ayu pegang so that’s why he knew. Ayu just angguk smbl senyum.
“Can I re-check your form miss?”
“Oh you receive money from ****”
“Ok thank you miss. We’ll serve you in just a minute ya miss. Is there anything that I can do while you waiting?”
“No thank you so much”

Ya Allah baik and peramah sgt2 this guy. Dh pusing satu round siap dtg blk kt Ayu ask the same question.

“You sure you don’t want anything miss?”

Hadoii… Kadang2 org mcm ni rimas pun ye jgk but where can you get a good, polite customer service nowadays? He’s one of the kinds! Sempat jgk tgk name tag dia. Haha.

ps://He’s not Malay and definitely not a Muslim. By looking at his name tag pun dh tau. Plus I saw he’s smoking outside the building. I guest he’s having his lunch break.

{From Ayu with ♥}

Monday, August 23, 2010

Breaking Fast With 5rz's Family

Last Saturday mcm biasa tggu 5rz blk keja. Then we went to Masjid Jamek nk cr brooch utk Ayu. Dpt la beli 3 utk Raya nnti. Beli brooch tu pun dekat kedai pakcik 5rz. Lawa2 semuanya. On that day jgk Ayu bukak puasa ngan family 5rz for the first time. Actually the plan was, Ayu bukak pose ngan family 5rz hr Ahad but tetiba mak 5rz suruh wat hr Sabtu plak. X sempat nk wat kek batik. Mak 5rz suka kek. So kebetulan dh ada kt pasar malam Jalan TAR, belilah skali juadah berbuka puasa. Then pergi umah 5rz and of course la kena tlg mak dia msk. Mknan byk sgt. Ayu ngan 5rz dh beli kuih muih kt Jln TAR. Then adik 5rz pun g beli kuih lg. Hasilnya, mcm2 kuih ada. Seronok dpt kumpul ramai2 utk bukak pose sama2. Time Ayu kt dapur tu adala ckp ngan mak 5rz.

“Makcik. Nnti Ayu nk belajar wat air Nescafe yg pakcik suka tu dr makcik tau. Ayu x pndi wat air Nescafe”

Laugh all you want but that’s the truth. Ayu mmg x pndi wat air Nescafe. But hey, at least I want to learn right? Everytime 5rz dtg umah Ayu pun, disuruhnya Ayu wat air Nescafe. 5rz mmg tau Ayu x pndi wat Nescafe, lg dia nk suruh! Tp 5rz kate Nescafe Ayu ok la. X brape pahit x brape manis. Just nice. So disebabkan bakal FIL suka Nescafe, Ayu nk blaja la dr mak 5rz nk wat Nescafe. Huhu…. So skrg Ayu dh tau la cam mane nk wat Nescafe. But I still need to practice. Oh time Ayu pggl makcik tu, si Noi (adik perempuan 5rz) ckp

“Makcik, makcik. Noi dh brape kali ckp jgn pggl makcik la. Pggl mak”

Oh x mahu la. Mahu tp malu. Auwwwwww. X delah sbb belum kawin lg pun. Lg plak bkn mak 5rz yg suruh pggl mak. Noi yg suruh. Mak 5rz pun tersengeh sengeh la dgr Noi ckp mcm tu. Then dh dekat2 bukak pose tu mak 5rz ckp la

“Ha lupa nk potong buah betik. Ayu meh tolong potong buah ni”

Ayu nk lari time tu. Huwaaaa Ayu paling x suka potong buah betik! X payah ckp la. Segala jenis buah Ayu malas nk potong tp terutamanya betik la. Yg slalu potong buah kt umah sape lg. Mak la sbb before every meal, ayah mesti mam buah dulu. So kadang2 ada buah yg lebih tu, Ayu akn mkn. Tu yg mak slalu perli Ayu.

“Kau ni klu x de org potong buah tu, x dela nk mkn kn?”

Ayu sengeh jela cam kerang busuk. Anyway, berbalik pada cite nk potong buah betik td. Nk x nk terpaksa la potong jgk. *sigh* Time kt dapur tu sempat jgk perkara chumel berlaku. Si 5rz ni msk dapur sbb ape ntah. Then sebelum nk klua dapur tu sempat lg tu cuit2 Ayu. Yg malunya, mak 5rz nmpk plak tu. Uhh malunye saya. (^_^) Nasib baik mak 5rz wat x tau je.

Iklan ni x de kena mengena. Just teringat time 5rz cuit Ayu time kt dapur. Tu je.

Lps bukak pose, duduk2 sembang ngan mak 5rz. Mak 5rz pun kluakn la gmbr time muda dulu. Then Ayu teringat la nk mintak gmbr 5rz time kecik2 dulu. Ada la dpt beberapa keeping. Wee~~~ Gmbr ni igt nk wat slide show nnti. X tau lg la.

{From Ayu with ♥}

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wedding Preparations (Hall) Part 3

This was supposed to be a happy entry or I would say a happy story but then when you read it through it would be a sad story. Well at least for me lah. Alkisahnya, Selasa malam hr tu Ayu dh sent surat kebenaran nk sewa Dewan A. Previous story [here] Then the next day I called and talk to respective person. He said that the approval for the venue will only be done 3 month before the event. Ok fine with me. Then I double confirm with him that the rental of the hall including the banquet chairs and tables or not. Tetiba dia ckp hall rental without chairs and tables. Whoaaaa! Hr tu ckp lain ni ckp lain plak. The rental of the hall actually RM 2k which still in our budget tp klu RM 2k for hall saje mmg mahal la. Ke korg rasa murah? Klu RM 2k include skali kerusi meja even without covers pun, we still take it. Covers semua tu boleh rent from catering je.

Nmpk sgt sign dibuat buat. Kerja Ayula tu :p

About this hall thingy ni mmg Ayu yg slalu liaise ngan en …… but when this thing happens, 5rz will take over from here. So he will call and discuss about this matter with en ….. Adoiii mcm mane ye? Ayu dh malas nk searching for other halls. Igt dh boleh settle dh psl dewan ni. 5rz kate dia nk ckp blk dgn org tu sbb hr tu bila kteorg g jmpa and tanya sendiri psl dewan tu dia kate RM 2k include semua kecuali red carpet, projector, PA system and lain2. Skrg mcm ni plak.

Disebabkan perkara mcm ni dh jd, so we decided to take alternative hall just in case. Setakat ni x sure lg nk search hall mane. Mayb beralih kepada dewan2 DBKL. So smalam after Isyak ngan semangatnye ajk Nizz my dear friend tmn g tgk dewan2 DBKL. First aiming was Kompleks Sukan Datuk Keramat. I like the colours of the hall. Then bila msk nmpk kecik la plak. Dgn parking lg. Susah la plak. Tp dewan dia mmg ok and cantik la. It's fine for me la. Ayu target klu x dpt Dewan A tu nk ambik je Kompleks Sukan ni tp tgk kecik la plak. Dgn parking problem lg satu hal. 

Get what I mean?

Tp dr atas nmpk cam besar plak.

Ok boleh x smalam dh berangan-angan ngan Nizz yg Ayu akn melambai-lambai org ramai dr atas ala2 cam Siti kawin dulu. Ahaks!

Serius dewan ni cantik pada pandangan Ayu tp kecik and Ayu rasa ayah x berkenan kot. Lps g dewan ni ada jgk dewan2 lain yg Ayu g tp semua cam x brape berkenan. Huh semangat cr dewan mlm2 ngan hujan lebatnya. Thanks babe sudi layan kerenah I ni. (you know who you are)

Bila dh x de dewan nk g lg, kami pun blk. Sempat lg sggh McD sbb kepingin ice-cream. (Hujan lebat x mematahkan selera nk mam ice cream! Heh merepek plak!) Ok2 so bila dh smpi umah, ayah and mak dh blk dr terawih. That time around 2230 kot. So discuss ngan mak bla bla bla (ayah dh naik blk time tu). Then boleh plak mak ni wat cerita chumel eh. Mak kate la yg mak frust x dpt Dewan A tu sbb mak dh ckp ngan kwn2 mak semua insya-Allah Ayu kawin kt situ. Ya Allah mak mak. Semangat seh mak dok cite2 kt kwn2 mak. Kesian + chumel plak tgk reaksi mak. Ok so skrg ni mmg x de kate putus lg. Buntulah! Ayu betul2 berharap sgt2 nk bersanding kt Dewan A tu. Huwaaaa tolong la en ...... Well, let’s just hope for the best. Amin.

{From Ayu with ♥}

Monday, August 16, 2010

Akif Rizqi B-day Party

This was suppose to be publish long ago but then again, I’m so bz with other things (budget CEO!) The title says it all. My second nephew, Akif Rizqi turns one on 17 July 2010. Hahaaha lmbt gle update!

Majlis wat skali ngan majlis akikah. Tp simple mimple jela. X dela buaian bagai2. But the preparations whooaa cam getting married plak. Siap ada door gift, photographer bagai2. Mama Akif kate skali ni je nk wat cam ni. After this celebrate biasa2 je. Yela sbb wat skali ngan majlis akikah.

The night before, I was busy helping my SIL with the door gift. Door gift dia sama ngan door gift Nadia Bayu. Chinese Box. Dlm dia isi ape eh? Lupa dh. Tu la lmbt sgt update! Chinese Box that my SIL ordered was blank white but she decided to decorate by wrapping green ribbon around the box. Then ada letak gmbr Akif kt tgh2 kotak.

The theme colour was…… (well you can guess by looking at the pictures yourself). Since I’m so lazy to write bla bla bla, let just let the pictures do the talking shall we?

Mind the expression. We're in the middle of discussion. I'm not arguing.

5rz started to get bored as I cannot stop what I do best. Merepek repek :D

There he goes! Yawning. Haish!

Early in the morning, the party start with Tadarus first. While outside, org2 siapkan mknan and letak atas meja. Ada khemah, foods and drinks and not to mention, kambing pun ada. 5rz fav!

Wat muka ala2 macho gitu. Dgn kening terangkat lg.

Wan Akif ajuk Akif. Muka Akif plak hamboi! Gangster cam nk cr gaduh ye

Brother, SIL and Akif a.k.a Nunit @_@

Ni apasal la plak hidung kau kombang ni? Expression very the feeling gitu.

I look fat and short in this pic which in reality, I'm not. Tetttt.... By the way, that's Iman (first nephew) and my along (black shirt).

Since Akif kecik lg, we let Iman tiupkan lilin. Lps api dipadamkan si Akif ni punya la wat muka x puas hati sbb abg Iman dh tiupkn lilin dia kot. Sweet. Then mak my SIL sedekahkn sweet and duit syiling kt budak2. Adat org Johor ke ape ke Ayu x pasti but as I can recalled, time abg Ayu kawin ngan my SIL dulu pun ada acara mcm ni jgk.

See what I mean?

5rz excited kot nk mam. That's why wat mulut mcm tu.

Baju sama chumel kan?

Ni pose ngada-ngada Akif ni.

ps:// Most of the pictures here was taken by the photographer that my SIL hired. The pics are raw and it's not edited yet. Thumb up to the photographer. *clap*clap*

{From Ayu with ♥}

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Iklan Jap Smbl2 Cuti Ni @_@

Bg sesiapa yg sudi, meh la singgah blog Ayu yg satu lg. Ayu ada update ngan mcm2 shawls and pashmina utk koleksi Raya tahun ni.

{From Ayu with ♥}

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Preparations (Hall) Part 2

As mentioned earlier, we want to booked the hall by this week or next week but due to some circumstances, we still haven’t finalize to booked which hall yet. Last week on Friday we went to 2 places which are dewan A and dewan B (still afraid to reveal it here as I promise my word to 5rz) We met the respective person for dewan A and ask about the hall. Bla bla bla.

Dewan A
  • We can outsource the catering which is according to my plan (Semua plan Ayu. Huahuahua gle kuasa!)
  • No need to pay for deposit. Just write a letter and sent it to them. After approval, they will inform us 3 month before the event. (3 month for me is not enough. Not enough secure for both of us)
  • No one has been rejected so far but ada 1 customer had to forward their wedding 1 week earlier. (Bahaya tu walaupun dh diberitahu 2 month earlier but still la mcm2 boleh berlaku. So x secure right?)
  • After approval, we can start making payment.
  • The price includes air condition hall, banquet chairs and tables but both without covers. But the price was in our budget. In fact it’s under our budget actually. The rest like projector, P.A system, red carpet semua kena sewa. Rental around RM 200 each.
  • Lots of parking.
  • We booked our date already just in case.
Conclusion for Dewan A – Affordable but in terms or security, mcm nk reject plak. Mcm je k belum finalize lg ni ha.

Dewan B
  • Cannot outsource the catering but the rest like dais and all can be outsourced.
  • Our date is fully booked. If we confirm to take this hall, our wedding will be forward to one day earlier. (Fine with me. There’s no significant by our wedding date. Bak kate 5rz janji kawin. Wee~~~)
  • After confirmation, we need to pay RM 900 for deposit. We’ll get it back 2 month after the event by cheque.
  • 3 month before the event, we need to pay 50% of the total amount and 2 week before the event, kena byr abis.
  • The price includes air condition hall, banquet chairs and tables, projector, pelayan beruniform and mcm2 lg la. But the chairs saje x de sarung. Meja ada alas. Tp klu guna banquet chair ok kot. Mmg dh kira lawa la kot.
  • Food testing will be done 2 weeks before. 
  • Parking cam susah je.

Conclusion for Dewan B – More secure than Dewan A but my dad plak x setuju sbb catering tu. Ayah seboleh boleh nk jgk catering kwn mak tu.

Then I continued searching for other hall. Found this hall and I can’t believe it that I didn’t notice this hall before. The hall was quite ok for me tp bila discuss ngan parents, ayah kate no. It’s too far. Ni Pusat Komuniti Taman Ibu Kota. So belum pape lg dh kena reject. Tettt

While yesterday, my parents, 5rz and I went for hall hunting. First, we went to Dewan B. Ayah kate ok but it just the matter of parking. Then, went to dewan ape ntah nama dia but lawa wooo. Kt Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir kot. Scenery cantik, parking besar tp dewan tu x de air cond. Ayah nk air cond. Ayu pun nk air cond. Huhu. Mak ckp insya-Allah next year diaorg nk tmbh aircond kot kt dewan tu. Entah la. Next move on to Kem Wardieburn. Hall ok, parking lg besar dr hall. Ayah kate hmm not bad. So this hall was under consideration. Last but not least, kami ke Dewan A. Mak and ayah puas hati sgt2. Cuma cam x brape secure jela psl confirmation date tu.

Blk umah, mak and ayah diskusi sama2 then Ayu mintak kate putus. Mak and ayah ckp ok la Dewan A tu. Mmg dh ok sgt. Mak org yg paling puas hati la selain Ayu. Then Ayu ckp la kerisauan ku psl confirmation date tu. Mak ckp x pelah. Just hope for the best. Doa la byk2 supaya tarikh tu x kn diorg tukar2.

I have survey 10 halls so far but hati Ayu kuat mengatakn better ambik Dewan A. So now we in the process of making the approval letter. Hopefully ada rezeki kami nnti. Amin. Insya-Allah.

{From Ayu with ♥}

Friday, August 6, 2010

All Bloggers Should Read This!

Have you heard of If you haven't heard of it, go google and check it out. I read almost everyday even during weekends. I love her writings and she's definitely a nice person. She’s been in a news paper before because of her famous blog. Anyway, yesterday I read her blog as usual and she came out with this shocking news. To all bloggers yg ada earn money from your blog doesn’t matter if you do an online business or just a personal blog, you all must register to LHDN. This means that soon or later I have to register mine. If not, tggu la org LHDN dtg umah korg. Apatah lg klu sape2 yg ada wat online business mcm Ayu ni.

Ayu x pandai sgt nk cite byk2 about this coz Ayu pun still blur2. You guys just read from her blog je eh? Byk info dpt dr dia!

{From Ayu with ♥}

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Preparations (Hall) Part 1

This is my first entry about my wedding prep. Huh tetiba rasa nervous plak. First thing first, Ayu rasa better settle kn venue of my wedding. We both decided to do our wedding dekat hall je. Plus my parents pun ok with it. Coz dulu dh dua kali asyik wat wedding kt umah je. (My brothers weddings) So mak and ayah pun rasa cam penat klu wat kt umah. Yela br2 nk smbt menantu mesti la happy. Slalunya br2 nk smbt menantu mesti grand and happening gle kn? Dh my turn jd cam biasa je. Eh tp Ayu x kisah. Mmg nk wat simple mimple je. Momantai la.

For the last 2 weeks, we google here and there to search for our wedding venue. My dream of course la nk wat kt Dewan Perdana Felda tu. Tp tau jela diri den yg x brape nk mampu ni. So kena la reject awal2. Then bila x dpt Dewan Perdana, igt nk beralih ke Dewan Merak Kayangan Felda. Slalu lalu kt tepi jln tu pakej perkahwinan RM 12k Dewan Merak Kayangan. So mcm nk try. RM 12k tu for 400 people only but that package complete with dais and catering plus the hall of course. Huhu masih bkn dlm budget kami. Klu 800 people dh 24k? Mmg la skali ngan mcm2 but……. (long pause jap) a big no no la. For those yg rasa dewan ni dlm budget korg and nk tau more info boleh g kt sini

So dua2 dewan Felda ni dh kena reject. Then we move on to dewan2 yg lain. Google dan google lg then come out with this list.
  1. Dutchess Place
  2. Dewan Prima LJT
Eh dua tu je rupanya. Igt kn byk bebenor. Actually ada je lg cuma the rest tu cam x brape nk kenan di hatiku yg cerewet ini. Anyway, Duchess Place ni br je Isnin lepas call and tanya quotation since they didn’t reply my e-mail. Apparently kena ambik package catering skali. Sebolehnya Ayu nk catering asing sbb nk ambik catering kwn mak tu. Rasanya la. Masih dlm discussion lg. So risik punya risik still not in our budget. Semua bkn dlm budget. Hahaha. Utk thn ni saje dia kira satu kepala RM 48. Ngalahkn Dewan Felda plak. Itu pun tmpt tu belum launching lg dh harga mcm tu. Dh launching nnti mcm mane la gamaknye harga tu. Nk tau psl Duchess Place boleh g kt sini

Atau boleh review wedding2 yg pnah held kt situ dlm FB. Click sini

Next dewan Prima LJT. Smalam called and diorg ckp kena sewa skali ngan catering and diorg kira satu kepala RM 33. Lebih kurang Dewan Merak Kayangan. So again a big no no!

Then suddenly Ayu terbaca mengenai Kelab Golf PDRM kt Titiwangsa. Google and called. Last Sunday gak g terjah. Tanya2, bla bla bla semua kena sewa ngan catering. Hampeh! Tgk harga sewa mmg besh! Murah. Tp bila tanya brape org boleh msk dlm dewan tu, hampa. Cuma 180 org saje. Family Ayu ngan family 5rz saje dh penuhkn dewan tu. Abis guest semua nk duk mane?

Scenery dia cantik. Atas bukit. Ada swimming pool lg.

Pentas x tggi. Rendah je but still ok for me.

Small right?

Bhgn luar hall still ada ruang but still not enough for us. But I heart the chandelier.

Now move on to this hall. Rasa cam confirm kot to book this hall but 5rz ask not to reveal first. Bkn la grand sgt pun yg nk dirahsiakn just dia kate make sure confirm kn dulu. In fact kteorg plan this week nk booked terus and Ayu dh pun deal ngan kwn Ayu yg recommend dewan ni.

Then smalam sempat lg jmpa another dewan. Haish ni semua psl gatal tgn nk google lg dan lagi! That hall mmg include skali package but harga satu kepala sgt munasabah bg kami. 5rz pun ok and bila tanya dia, dia x kisah. Either dewan A (yg atas tu) or dewan B (yg sedang diceritakan ini) Dia momantai je janji kawin. So back tu dewan B ni. Smalam jgk dh dpt e-mail ape yg patut. Diaorg reply sgt cepat. And Ayu call nk tgk dewan tu this week. So insya-Allah by this week nk g terjah dewan ni. Kebetulan plak kami akn terjah time ada wedding. So boleh la bayangkn nnti bagaimana rupa wedding kami nnti kn? Suka suka suka!

ps://Mood nk kawin slowly dtg setelah kena marah ngan 5rz.

{From Ayu with ♥}

Monday, August 2, 2010

Review On Karnival Pengantin

Ok at last I manage to go to Karnival Pengantin. Finally! Yela this is my first time wat benda2 cam ni. 5rz and I went there on Saturday. We get there (Jusco AU2) around 1500 but then 5rz was so hungry so we went for lunch first. Then misi tgk2 gerai pun bermula. Semua org dok sibuk kasi flyers here and there. Then Ayu tertarik ngan satu catering ni. Ambik package dia, dpt free honeymoon ke Bali or Phuket. Whoah! Besh2. Tp promotion dia up until yesterday je. I mean klu booking and byr deposit on Friday-Sunday (30-31/7 until 1/8) br entitle for that honeymoon tickets. At first mmg la teruja tp bila pk blk x payah la. I think better settle kn benda2 lain dulu. In fact, I was thinking nk ambik kwn mak punya catering je. We’ll see. Most of the catering dkt sana semua boleh test food. Adeh klu tau x yah g lunch td. Ambik jamah mkn kt semua catering yg ada kt situ lg bagus. Huhu buruk punya perangai!

Ok after spending a few times at the carnival, we went to banks (RHB, Maybank & CiMB) Biasala bila dh dpt duit gaji, byk la benda2 yg kena dibayar and utk simpan skali. Itu mmg dh routine 5rz. End of the month je akn pg ke semua2 bank tu. But I think that’s good coz 5rz displin kn diri dia jd mcm tu. Dia jenis x tangguh2.

Ini mmg menjadi kebiasaan kami. Beli air kotak besar2 then kongsi. Senang and jimat. Kadang2 tu beli kotak besar cam ni then msk wayg tgk movie. Save duit. :)

Couldn't remember what I'm mumbling about.

Then after that, we went to Masjid Jamek. We went there by LRT. Klu drive alamatnya x tau kul brape br smpi kt sana. Plus it’s Saturday. Ada pasar mlm lg. Yg si 5rz ni plak excited gle nk naik LRT. Dh bertahun dh dia x naik LRT. Smpi kn dia beria-ia nk naik LRT gerabak yg br tu. Ala yg ada 4 gerabak tu. Before this kan ada 2 gerabak je. Huhu kesian org dh lama x naik LRT ye. X mcm Ayu yg mmgla suka ke sana ke mari ngan LRT. Not that I cannot drive but tau jela jln kt KL ni mcm mane. Jammed bkn main lg!

Budak semangat naik LRT

Smpi je kt Masjid Jamek tetiba hujan lebat plak. Adeh td kemain panas. Tup2 boleh hujan. Sudahnye belila payung 5 hengget kt tepi2 jln tu. Payung pink you! I loike! Ok then bila settle urusan kt Masjid Jamek, sggh jap g kedai pakcik 5rz. Borak2 then next destination ke KLCC.

Smpi KLCC, first destination, Celcom. Byr segala bil bagai. Told you. End of month je mmg gini la kami. Next destination was supposed to be Swatch, but then Ayu plak boleh sggh kt gerai Dior kt tgh2 alam KLCC tu. What attracts me was the arch. Lawa sgt. Ape lg posing la.

Mamat tu mesti tgh tgk Ayu posing kn? Mesti dia pk, ni ape minah ni posing cam ni nih? Lama ok dok posing cam ni sbb kamera 5rz ni wat hal plak.

Tgk tu. Payung pink yg br beli ngan plastik pasar mlm nye. (Ada pulut panggang dlm plastik tu)

Ok back to Swatch thing. 5rz ada problem ngan jam dia yg Ayu kasi time tunang. 5rz kate asyik terlambat la, tercepat la. Jam ni complicated ckit sbb dia x guna bateri tp guna nadi kte. So klu jam tu terlmbt, adakah nadi 5rz yg lmbt? Hahaha. Igtkn boleh siap on the dot. Skali kena tggu another 2 weeks br boleh ambik jam tu blk.

Amoi ni mcm wat x tau je ape yg 5rz dok ckp.

Then next destination, McD. All this becoz Ayu teringin sgt nk mkn ice-cream walaupun kt luar tu hujan. Duk kt food court mkn ice-cream, minum air ngan mkn pulut panggang yg 5rz beli kt Masjid Jamek.

Ni la ice-cream yg Ayu nk sgt tu.

Ni betul2 candid! Ngan muka terkejutnye. Haish!

Then dh settle mkn, g tmn tgk air pancut jap. Mula2 x hujan but tetiba hujan blk.

Ok time nk blk, Ayu masih boleh sggh kt booth Dior tu blk sbb nk tgk bunga2 arch dia. Oh I thought it was a fake flowers but it’s not. They were using fresh flowers. Klu dpt arch mcm ni kt my wedding kn besh! Arch dia byk plak tu.

Byk kn arch dia? Tu br ckit. Ada pnjg lg!

Then kami pun blk la. Dh penat dh pun.

{From Ayu with ♥}
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