Thursday, June 3, 2010

E-Day Tips

Just to share some tips about my E-Day. For those who will getting engage, I hope you not making any mistakes that I make.
  1. Plan carefully with you partner on how do you want your E-Day would be. I’m having a fight with my fiancé as I want him to wear baju melayu on my E-Day but he refuse. I also tried to make him wear kemeja with the same colour that I’m wearing which is pink belacan or merah bata or whatever you called it now. Ya last2 he wins. He chooses to wear black. Same colour with his hantaran yg dia kasi utk Ayu. Ya whatever…………
  2. As for me, I like to make it simple but nice ceremony. So that’s why we just serve the rombongan with the simple dish. No need to make like ‘we getting married’ dishes. After all it just an engagement ceremony.
  3. Double check if all of your hantaran(s) where in its tray. Hey I did forget to put 1 hantaran dlm dulang! Luckily my friend notice and she notice it right before pihak lelaki masuk umah. Nasib baik sempat. Hantaran jam. Ayu simpan dlm blk coz takut anything happened that night. Mana la tau takut umah msk pencuri ke coz all hantaran(s) mmg dh kemas siap2 letak kt hall. So until that day x igt2 nk letak dlm tray.
  4. Please wear your korset. It helps you to shape your body well. 
  5. Polish your nails.
  6. Wear lenses and fake eyelashes. This helps to create an effect to make your eyes bigger.
  7. Bring some tissue with you. I think this is the biggest regret! With all the nervousness that you have in your body of course you will be all sweat up. Plus all the eyes will be looking at you. Haha wait until you get into your pelamin. Oh I tell you the spot light was so damn hot! Even though you switch on both air corns in your living room, making the temperature to high and cool, the spot light tu still panas. Ayu x selesa sgt atas pelamin tu. My friend yg kt sebelah pun lupa nk letak tisu dlm tgn. Berpeluh and berminyak la muka den. So bare in mind ya this one.

Well I guess that’s all that I can think about it now. Some of it mmg Ayu ada wat silap la and some of it, it just a simple reminder. Insya-Allah I will try to avoid it during my nikah day.

Gmbr bwh ni utk blog Ayu yg satu lg but saje2 je nk share kt sini.

ps:// Next entry, I promise to upload my E-Day pics!

{From Ayu with ♥}


kay kamal said...

i had dat prob w my guy too! tgk la last skali dia mai pakai baju apa..petak2 biru?? argghh tensi

didieadila said...

ok sgt membantu! thanx ^^,

♥Cik Fariza♥ said...

yeah !!!
thank you for the info

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Kay Kamal : Haha sabar2. Guys will always be guys kn?
Didieadila And cik Fariza : Thanks so much dear :)

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