Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our 2nd Anniversary

Unlike last year, this year, we went out to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Last year no celebration was made simply because I was in pantang at that moment. Last year was just wish2 gitu je. This year plak, alhamdulillah, we had dinner. 

5rz planned to have dinner at 360 Atmosphere Restaurant. I called to asked for their price. Masya-Allah mahalnya! RM 198 per pax for dinner during weekdays plak tu. Imagine having a romantic dinner during weekends? Kebetulan 14th of May fall on weekdays. If RM 198 per pax, 2 orang dah berapa? Eh x payah la even tho 5rz ok je and he's the one whose paying. Maybe next time which is x tau bila. Hahaha. :D

So that night, we had dinner at Concorde Hotel, KL. It was like, search for hotel, called and make a reservation and done. Senang sangat. Ayu pun malas dah nak fikir2 hotel mana etc. 5rz yang bagi cadangan dinner kat Concorde so, Ayu follow jela. We had dinner at Melting Pot Cafe. It was RM 98 per pax. Oh by the way thank you for some of you yang sudi suggest kan lots of nice places as well.  

After work, balik mandi tukar baju etc, then shoot ke rumah MIL to pick up Faris then sampai Concorde terus mam. I nak salmon je manjang. So basically Ayu ambik salmon je. Lauk pauk memang Ayu tak ambik lansung. Lepas tu plak bila staff hotel nampak we all macam dah almost done with the foods, they did a surprise to us by giving us the free cake. Kek kecik jela but still sweet tho. Ok tips nak dapat free cake ni, you have to mention that you were celebrating your anniversary, birthday etc. Same goes with birthday. Akan dapat free cake and in fact, staff hotel akan nyanyi Happy Birthday lagi. 

All the bakar2. Salmon bakar, Udang bakar and sotong bakar

Sashimi + sushi


Sashimi lagi!

Butter prawn and sotong goreng


Then bila nak membayar, we had another special discount. Weee~~~ Berbaloi sungguh! Kalau macam nila, every anniversary dinner, ke Concorde jela. Hehe. Parking kereta adalah RM 10 after 5 pm. Parking ticket pun kami dapat discount.

So my rate for this hotel (out of 5 being the best) :
services - 5
foods - 5 (sebab ada salmon)
variety of foods - 4
ambiance - 3 (sebab pemandangan x dela hebat seperti pemandangan di restaurant berputar kan? What you pay, is what you get lor)

The cake

Susah nak having romantic dinner while having an active plus naughty toddler at the same time

Complete my little family

Weekend on Saturday tu, we had second round of anniversary dinner, again! Sushi again! Hehe. Ni sebab we both x jadi nak stay 1 night dekat hotel. So second anniversary dinner as a gantian for 1 night stay dekat hotel tu la. Ok 2nd anniversary. Till we meet again, insya-Allah for many years to come. Amin.... 

The second anniversary dinner. It was tempura week

{From Ayu with ♥}


Cik Aish said...

waa happy anniversary!

♥ ROS ♥ said...

Sdapnya makan.slamt anniversary.hehe

aThidEaN said...

wah bestnye dpt kek from concorde.
happy annv dear.

Siti Haslinda Sadiken said...

wahhh..anny dgn sushi je nie..hehe

FUZY said...

happy anniversary...bestnya mkn kat hotel gitu...kesat air liur tgok salmon....

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Thank you semua.

Anonymous said... ada menerima tempahan kraf felt pada harga yg sangat murah..

Thanks.. =)

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