Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Letter to Faiz

Assalamualaikum Faiz.

Sorry sebab letter ni lambat sangat ibu update masuk blog. Kesian. Abang dulu kemain cepat je ibu update. Please note that ibu never love you less. Both are my babies. Anyway, happy belated birthday Faiz. If only you knew that actually susah nak dapatkan kamu. 6 months ayah & ibu tunggu kehadiran kamu dalam perut ibu. That is why 3 years gap between you & your brother. 6 months we were both trying to get pregnant, every month ibu beli UPT (Urine Pregnancy Test) untuk check tapi hasilnya menghampakan. On the 7 months, knowing that you were there, inside my womb, we still excited like we were having the 1st child! Probably because of the long await. I surprise your ayah by showing him the test and luckily this time he knows what it was. He even know that I'm pregnant just because I'm showing him the kid. His reason, I will not show him the kit if I'm not pregnant. Make sense!

Since we already had your brother, of course we were hoping for a girl this time but hey, here you are. I even lied to my office mate when they asked me about what gender am I carrying even tho I know it's a boy! Manalah tau last2 minit keluar girl. But Faiz, that doesn't mean that I don't love you alright? Pastu at this stage ibu macam rasa I'm gonna have all boys in my life. Hahaha. But it's ok. Yang penting semua sihat menjadi orang nanti, amin. 

When I was carrying you, I have the strangers craving. I hate mamak but loves mamak when you were inside of me. Everytime nak mamak. Ayah lagi seronok nak melayan sebab dia memang suka mamak. My last meal before I delivered you is mamak! Last minute request even tho my contraction pain was already there. You can read it somewhere in my blog later. 

Melahirkan kamu memang sangat senang walaupun sakit lama selama 19 jam. Huhu. Kamu lahir pada 27 April 2015 pada 2229 hours, 8 days after ayah's birthday. Alhamdulillah kamu ada sikit je jaundice and sangat senang menjaga kamu time pantang. Tali pusat fell off on your 10th days. 

Gambar pertama kamu

A year has pass now and you already have 6 batang gigi. 4 atas & 2 bawah. Champion for this one sebab when your brother was 1 year old, he only have 4 batang gigi. Still x boleh jalan. Loves to eat! Like eating everything pun ye gak. Fasa merasa semua benda kan? Cooking for you is fun since you ate everything that I cooked. Senyuman menggoda betul. Sometime macam kerang busuk pun ye gak. But in a good way. Hehehe.

Please continue to grow Faiz. Ibu harap Faiz dapat membesar menjadi anak yang sihat & soleh. Ibu & ayah loves you very much! Muah!   

Your number one die hard fan,
{From Ayu with ♥}

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