Friday, September 24, 2010

Amazing Race Season 4

Who has been following Amazing Race Asia? I am! Season 4 has just started last night! Wee~~~ happy mood! Dulu pnah nk msk time season 2. Wah... tough ke den? I don’t have my favourite team at least just yet but I’ll always support Malaysia teams for sure. In this season, there are 2 teams from Malaysia. One team were friends (male) while another one were married couple. 

I’m proud to say that Malaysia team (male friends) was the first one to arrive at the first pit stop last night! Whoa! Good job! Luckily, no one has been eliminated last night. It could be sad though when you got eliminated while the race was just starting. 

Ok let me introduce you the participant for this season.

First one to arrived. Ethan & Khairie from Malaysia. (Friends)

Also from Malaysia. Tengku Hilda & Ivan (Married)

Sunaina & Dimple from India. (Travel Buddies)
Don't you think Sunaina looks familiar to you? Oh yeah. She's an actress.

Sahil & Manas also from India. (Cousin)

Natasha & Hussein from Indonesia. (Father & daughter)
First father & daughter for Amazing Race Asia!Also from Indonesia


Nadine & Hilyani also from Indonesia. (Best friends) They almost been eliminated last night.
Nadine was a beauty queen while Hilyani was a TV presenter. Don't you think Hilyani looks like Ekin? (Wife Mawi tu?)

Jess & Lani from Philippines. (Party Girl)


Richard & Richard also from Philippines. (Friends)
Double R huh?

Claire & Michelle from Singapore. (Rebel Pals)

Alan & Wendy from Hong Kong. (Couple)
Wendy also familiar to me and yes she also an actress.

So what's your favorite team?

ps://All pictures were taken from AXN website at

{From Ayu with ♥}

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