Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Resident Evil : Afterlife

Last Wednesday 5rz and I went to see a movie. Ayu penakut. Klu ada new scary movie on showing, hati nk tgk tp mengenangkan nnti mlm tdo sorg2 dlm blk, x jd nk tgk. Up until now. Like for example movie2 time Raya ni. Mcm2 tv3 sediakn movie2 hantu. Minat nk tgk tp tula Ayu ni penakut sgt2. But it’s fine with me when it comes to zombie movies. I still can sleep after watching dead people eating another human though. We’ve been following this chronological of zombie since the first one, Resident Evil followed by Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction and the latest would be Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Suka sgt ngan make up dia masa movie extinction ni! Kulit flawless habis!

What do I like about this movie? I love zombie movies so mmg klu ada latest movies about dead people mkn human being, Ayu akn pg tgk. Anyway, hero movie ni plak is Wentworth Miller who was a hero in Prison Break. Funny this was, dlm prison break Wentworth ni mmg asyik kena msk jail jela and then dlm Resident Evil: Afterlife ni pun sama!

I thought this movie was the last one course of the title tu ha, Afterlife mcm nk penghabisan je tp bila tgk last2 scene tu ada lg. Huhu kena tggu how many years lg eh? Effect yg digunakan dlm movie ni x pnah mengecewakan. Out of 5, I gave them 4 stars. *Clap*Clap*Clap. Actually klu ikt games dia mmg terlalu byk chronological dia tp x tau la movie dia mcm mane plak.

After movie, we went for lunch at Nandos (dr puasa hr tu teringin nk bukak Nandos tp x kesampaian. So 5rz ganti la ngan hr tu. Thank you, thank you!) Mcm biasa we ordered the quarter chicken with 2 sidelines. Actually better lg Kenny Rogers kot coz the price was actually cheaper plus they added 1 more extra for their sideline and not to forget their chocolate brownies. That one semua include in one set compared to Nandos which have 2 sidelines with quarter chicken saje. The rest you have to add up and that’s means add up your money also. 

Mine : Quarter chicken + potato salad + coleslaw

His : Quarter chicken + peri chips + mediterranean

Mocha Blended 

What do I like about Nandos? The sos of course! Rasa cam nk bwk blk je botol sos tu. Nk beli kedekut! Sejarah ngan Nandos ni bermula masa Ayu duk menetap kt South Africa back in 1998 (Nandos was originally from there). Smpi kn before blk Malaysia dulu pun mam Nandos for the last time kt sana coz time tu Nandos x wujud lg kt Malaysia. The first time I saw Nandos in Malaysia was dekat Pudu tu ha. Kebetulan tgh lalu kt sana. Bila jmpa je

“Mak! Ada Nandos la kt sini!”

Lihatlah kenaikan berat badan sebanyak 3 kg! Oh malu tp masih perlu bersyukur :)

Tp kteorg x sggh terus. Up after that br sggh. Pg Pudu jgk sbb x tau kt mana branch Nandos yg lain. So dr situ rasa best la sbb Nandos dh ada kt Malaysia. X dela kempunan. B4 blk umah sempat mam fav chocholate wafer kt mamak depan umah. 

{From Ayu with ♥}

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