Monday, January 7, 2013

How Did I Introduce Formula Milk to Faris

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Dear Aliaa, 

My answer was so simple. Faris had been introduced to fm since his day 1. I was too tired after delivered him and my breast doesn't produce milk so much at that time. So, I gave up and the nurse asked my permission to give fm to Faris. I agreed and that's how it goes. [post] 

So, basically Ayu campur bm and fm for the first three days and stop after that. Alhamdulillah my milk production became better at that time and continued giving him bm until my milk supply dah tak cukuo untuk menampung keperluan harian Faris. Start daripada tu, terus top up fm selang selikan dengan kasi bm, up until now.

Faris started with S26 Gold when he was still in the hospital but when we wanted to give him fm, we started with Anmum dulu [post] Alhamdulillah sampai sekarang pun Faris masih serasi dengan Anmum.

I guess Aliaa ngan Ayu punya case tak sama but maybe you can try different type of fm? Or maybe seek professional/paed/doctor or even orang tua2 ke? Kalau your baby still x nak, try lebihkan makanan dia and kasi air kosong banyak2. Bila Aliaa ada, try je df sekerap yang mungkin. Mana tau milk supply akan bertambah, insya-Allah. 

If all doesn't work, hmmm Ayu pun no idea on what to do any more. Doa dan berserah jela kepada Allah S.W.T. Best luck Aliaa. 

{From Ayu with ♥}


aliaa said...

thanks ayu! insyaAllah will try. right now tgh pakai anmum yg pack kecik tu. see how nnt. gradually trying sbb risau dia lapar. huu.

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Best luck Aliaa

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