Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Stuffs From US

I'm sure all of you tau yang baby stuff from oversea lagi murah kan? Banyak sangat bezanya. I tried to get my friends from oversea to help me out in buying some baby stuffs from oversea. Most of them were very busy with exams, so I can't really push them, can I? So I found another solution which is buy online. Apparently saya tak berapa yakin nak online shop dari oversea. Kalau dekat Malaysia boleh la lagi.

Then jumpa pulak dengan seseorang ni, who is very famous la jugak. Ala dia ni pernah masuk tv sebab dia buat business online and kebanyakkan barang yang dijual dia beli from abroad. Kalau tulis nama dia dekat sini sure korang kenal. Been emailing that person untuk dapatkan my stuffs. Very friendly but last2, bukan la tak friendly, cuma suddenly dia tak jawab email. Last sekali email yang dia reply was something like this

Our friend dekat sana still on holidays, so tak boleh nak order.

Then I asked, agak2 bila boleh start order? No reply sampai la sekarang! Eh kalau tak tahu sekali pun tak boleh ke nak reply saying that you not sure when can order and will update once your friend dah balik ke ape ke. Or even kau malas nak layan order aku sekali pun boleh tak say sorry, can't help you ke. Ah! Terus hilang respect kat dia. Famous je lebih!

Last2 Ayu order dekat kawan kepada kawan Ayu. Meaning not direct friend la. Segan tau tak tapi masya-Allah orangnya baik. Dah la tak kenal kita tapi willing to help. Kebetulan pulak dia nak ke US. Before dia fly ke US tu Ayu dah transfer duit dalam account dia siap2. Kalau dia dah ada kat US and kita baru nak hengeh2 transfer duit, alamat kena bank charge lagi. So better transfer siap2 and dia pun senang nak tukar duit US awal2.

After waiting almost 3 weeks + alhamdulillah barang sampai dengan selamat. My stuffs di ship kan oleh Shafi from US. Yes the name of my new friend is Shafi. Ayu pun tak harap sangat dia nak carry barang tu bawak balik. Better ship kan aje.

Kalau dekat Malaysia, Medela tu saja dah brape harga dia? Avent Sterilizer 3 in 1 tu Ayu tgk dekat Malaysia harga dia RM399. So korang campur tolak la sendiri yek. Total damage for all above are less than 1.6k. Include tax and postage semua. Still save compared nak beli kat Malaysia

Bila barang dah sampai Malaysia, we set a date to meet up. Bawak sekali kawan Ayu, Sal who is also kawan Shafi. It's amazing when two strangers can be friend over twitter and willing to help one another. Suka sangat dapat berkenalan dengan Shafi yang baik hati. Thanks Shafi sebab sanggup susah payah belikan barang Ayu walaupun pada mulanya kita tak kenal each other.

From left to right : Sal, Shafi and yours truly =)

ps:// Don't worry about the plug. Korang just beli international plug je and it can fit. 

{From Ayu with ♥}


Liyana said...

sapekah org yg famous yg x bertanggungjawab itew? x blh reveal ek? :)

('',)pzAEdy~ said...

ayu, bg la tau rege for that 3 items tu,,,sharing is loving tau... =)

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Liyana : Malu la nak reveal. *hiks*hiks*

pzAEdy : Dah2. Lupa plak nak share2. Ayu dah update yang baru. Huhu sorry lupa :(

Cik Puan Mimi said...

ayu~ murahnye total 2 barang 1.6k. wow~ dari us ek

veesakura said...

murah tuuuuu. eh, tapi warranty camne ek?

Nadya Zahid said...

wowwww..medela freestyle...bestnye...sume brg2 total 1.6k?worth it bebbbbbbbbbbbb!!!
i baru order medela fs xdpt harge cm u la..heheehe

LisaLisut said...

wahhhhhhhhhh freestyleeeeeeeeee. bestnyaaaaaaaaaaa

~ NANA ~ said...

my fren yg duk US cakap medela tu rm900+ je kat i x order kat dia sbb i nk warranty from malaysia...hehe

PUAN THALHA : said...

wah. ayu! murah seh. 3 stuff less then 1.6 k! huhu.
kat malaysia madela fs tu je pun ada orang jual sampai rm 1400- 1800. best. best :)

Elly Anaille said...

arkkkk murahnye medela fs. jelessssss. kat malaysia mmg takkan dapat la rege camtu. sobsobsob

ReYNa said...

bestnyaaa!!boleh dpt 3 brg best less than 1.6k?jeles sgtt.huhu.sapa lg gi us ek nk pesan jugak la gitu.huhu

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Mimi : Total 3 barang. Beli dari UK pun murah gak dear =)

Vee : Lacking of warranty jela babe sbb warranty dari sana and not dari M'sia.

Nadya : Ala x pe. You punya harga ada warranty M'sia. So safe jugak kat situ.

Lisa : I know you will get it one day :D

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Nana : Yup dear. Shafi pun cakap lebih kurang harga tu la jugak. I take the risk dgn warranty tu.

Thalha : FS kt sini mmg cekik darah! Tapi senang ada warranty

Elly : Sokong!

Reyna : Cari la kawan yang ada kat US / UK. Best luck dear :)

III bDkNaKaL III said...

Ayu : psl warranty xpe..insyaallah all stuff ok..then warranty just only for 1 case anything happen after that, just hantar kt Medela Bangsar utk ganti ape² yg ptt...

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