Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Preparations (Hall) Part 2

As mentioned earlier, we want to booked the hall by this week or next week but due to some circumstances, we still haven’t finalize to booked which hall yet. Last week on Friday we went to 2 places which are dewan A and dewan B (still afraid to reveal it here as I promise my word to 5rz) We met the respective person for dewan A and ask about the hall. Bla bla bla.

Dewan A
  • We can outsource the catering which is according to my plan (Semua plan Ayu. Huahuahua gle kuasa!)
  • No need to pay for deposit. Just write a letter and sent it to them. After approval, they will inform us 3 month before the event. (3 month for me is not enough. Not enough secure for both of us)
  • No one has been rejected so far but ada 1 customer had to forward their wedding 1 week earlier. (Bahaya tu walaupun dh diberitahu 2 month earlier but still la mcm2 boleh berlaku. So x secure right?)
  • After approval, we can start making payment.
  • The price includes air condition hall, banquet chairs and tables but both without covers. But the price was in our budget. In fact it’s under our budget actually. The rest like projector, P.A system, red carpet semua kena sewa. Rental around RM 200 each.
  • Lots of parking.
  • We booked our date already just in case.
Conclusion for Dewan A – Affordable but in terms or security, mcm nk reject plak. Mcm je k belum finalize lg ni ha.

Dewan B
  • Cannot outsource the catering but the rest like dais and all can be outsourced.
  • Our date is fully booked. If we confirm to take this hall, our wedding will be forward to one day earlier. (Fine with me. There’s no significant by our wedding date. Bak kate 5rz janji kawin. Wee~~~)
  • After confirmation, we need to pay RM 900 for deposit. We’ll get it back 2 month after the event by cheque.
  • 3 month before the event, we need to pay 50% of the total amount and 2 week before the event, kena byr abis.
  • The price includes air condition hall, banquet chairs and tables, projector, pelayan beruniform and mcm2 lg la. But the chairs saje x de sarung. Meja ada alas. Tp klu guna banquet chair ok kot. Mmg dh kira lawa la kot.
  • Food testing will be done 2 weeks before. 
  • Parking cam susah je.

Conclusion for Dewan B – More secure than Dewan A but my dad plak x setuju sbb catering tu. Ayah seboleh boleh nk jgk catering kwn mak tu.

Then I continued searching for other hall. Found this hall and I can’t believe it that I didn’t notice this hall before. The hall was quite ok for me tp bila discuss ngan parents, ayah kate no. It’s too far. Ni Pusat Komuniti Taman Ibu Kota. So belum pape lg dh kena reject. Tettt

While yesterday, my parents, 5rz and I went for hall hunting. First, we went to Dewan B. Ayah kate ok but it just the matter of parking. Then, went to dewan ape ntah nama dia but lawa wooo. Kt Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir kot. Scenery cantik, parking besar tp dewan tu x de air cond. Ayah nk air cond. Ayu pun nk air cond. Huhu. Mak ckp insya-Allah next year diaorg nk tmbh aircond kot kt dewan tu. Entah la. Next move on to Kem Wardieburn. Hall ok, parking lg besar dr hall. Ayah kate hmm not bad. So this hall was under consideration. Last but not least, kami ke Dewan A. Mak and ayah puas hati sgt2. Cuma cam x brape secure jela psl confirmation date tu.

Blk umah, mak and ayah diskusi sama2 then Ayu mintak kate putus. Mak and ayah ckp ok la Dewan A tu. Mmg dh ok sgt. Mak org yg paling puas hati la selain Ayu. Then Ayu ckp la kerisauan ku psl confirmation date tu. Mak ckp x pelah. Just hope for the best. Doa la byk2 supaya tarikh tu x kn diorg tukar2.

I have survey 10 halls so far but hati Ayu kuat mengatakn better ambik Dewan A. So now we in the process of making the approval letter. Hopefully ada rezeki kami nnti. Amin. Insya-Allah.

{From Ayu with ♥}


iedayah said...

jgn cpt give up ms lg.nk wat bnd baik mmg cmni..try this link
n this link:
srry bru bc chatbox td

ElyaElmo said...

yeayyy!!!~ dah ade progress :)

julie said...

tumpang tanye,dewan A tuh dewan ape?kat mane?i pown tgh survey nih

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