Monday, August 16, 2010

Akif Rizqi B-day Party

This was suppose to be publish long ago but then again, I’m so bz with other things (budget CEO!) The title says it all. My second nephew, Akif Rizqi turns one on 17 July 2010. Hahaaha lmbt gle update!

Majlis wat skali ngan majlis akikah. Tp simple mimple jela. X dela buaian bagai2. But the preparations whooaa cam getting married plak. Siap ada door gift, photographer bagai2. Mama Akif kate skali ni je nk wat cam ni. After this celebrate biasa2 je. Yela sbb wat skali ngan majlis akikah.

The night before, I was busy helping my SIL with the door gift. Door gift dia sama ngan door gift Nadia Bayu. Chinese Box. Dlm dia isi ape eh? Lupa dh. Tu la lmbt sgt update! Chinese Box that my SIL ordered was blank white but she decided to decorate by wrapping green ribbon around the box. Then ada letak gmbr Akif kt tgh2 kotak.

The theme colour was…… (well you can guess by looking at the pictures yourself). Since I’m so lazy to write bla bla bla, let just let the pictures do the talking shall we?

Mind the expression. We're in the middle of discussion. I'm not arguing.

5rz started to get bored as I cannot stop what I do best. Merepek repek :D

There he goes! Yawning. Haish!

Early in the morning, the party start with Tadarus first. While outside, org2 siapkan mknan and letak atas meja. Ada khemah, foods and drinks and not to mention, kambing pun ada. 5rz fav!

Wat muka ala2 macho gitu. Dgn kening terangkat lg.

Wan Akif ajuk Akif. Muka Akif plak hamboi! Gangster cam nk cr gaduh ye

Brother, SIL and Akif a.k.a Nunit @_@

Ni apasal la plak hidung kau kombang ni? Expression very the feeling gitu.

I look fat and short in this pic which in reality, I'm not. Tetttt.... By the way, that's Iman (first nephew) and my along (black shirt).

Since Akif kecik lg, we let Iman tiupkan lilin. Lps api dipadamkan si Akif ni punya la wat muka x puas hati sbb abg Iman dh tiupkn lilin dia kot. Sweet. Then mak my SIL sedekahkn sweet and duit syiling kt budak2. Adat org Johor ke ape ke Ayu x pasti but as I can recalled, time abg Ayu kawin ngan my SIL dulu pun ada acara mcm ni jgk.

See what I mean?

5rz excited kot nk mam. That's why wat mulut mcm tu.

Baju sama chumel kan?

Ni pose ngada-ngada Akif ni.

ps:// Most of the pictures here was taken by the photographer that my SIL hired. The pics are raw and it's not edited yet. Thumb up to the photographer. *clap*clap*

{From Ayu with ♥}

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Nora a.k.a Aira said...

Untungnya si akif ni hehehe - hepi besday !!

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