Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CiMB Officer

I’m making this entry at 6 in the morning after sahur. Yesterday I went to CiMB to collect my money that I receive from one of my overseas’ customer. As usual, once you open the main door, their officer will greet you by saying “Good afternoon miss. How may I help you bla bla bla” I don’t know about the officers that you having in your area but in my area, they were always like that. I guess they been trained to be like that. It’s part of their job as a customer service.

I take out one of the form there and fill up my particulars. Once done, the officer that greets me earlier was not there. I’m dealing with the other officer.

“Saya nk collect duit dr overseas” That officer looked at my form and then he press A. There’s A to D.

Then I waited until my turn. X lama pun. Dlm 2 3 org mcm tu. Then when my number was called, I hand over my form and the lady said

“Adik tekan salah nombor ni”
“Bkn saya yg tekan kak. Dia yg tekan” Smbl pndg kt mamat depan tu.
“Hmm dia org baru so adik kena ambik nombor skali lg la dik”

What happen when you in my shoes? Meradang x sudah or redha je and take another number plus you have to wait some more? I was in a rush actually but still masih boleh b’sabar. I can just say

“Hey you know what? It’s not my fault that I get this number. He’s the one who press this number for me. If he’s new, then I guest the company not trained him so well didn’t they? I’m here now and you asking me to take another number and wait again? No. I want you to serve me right away!”

I can always say that if I want but I don’t want to make any scene and plus I think I can forgive the new staff. Yes the company should train him well but he’s just a person and I’ve been in his shoes before. Lg teruk kena marah with this Chinese guy. :'(  So x pelah. Mengalah and take another number. This time the officer was not there so I press B (Western Union).

While waiting for my turn, there’s the earlier officer coming (the one who greet me earlier) one by one at the customers. Mcm2 la mamat ni ckp.

“Puan dh ambik no? Tggu sebentar ye puan. Sebentar lg kte akn serve puan ye. Ada pape lg yg boleh saya bantu?"

“Encik dh ambik no? Tggu sebentar ye encik. Sebentar lg no encik akn dipanggil. Ada pape lg yg boleh saya bantu sementara tggu giliran encik?"

Sorg2 la mamat ni dok tanya kt semua customer kt situ. Ngan Ayu pun x terkecuali.

“Oh you here to collect money from overseas miss?” Dia nmpk form yg Ayu pegang so that’s why he knew. Ayu just angguk smbl senyum.
“Can I re-check your form miss?”
“Oh you receive money from ****”
“Ok thank you miss. We’ll serve you in just a minute ya miss. Is there anything that I can do while you waiting?”
“No thank you so much”

Ya Allah baik and peramah sgt2 this guy. Dh pusing satu round siap dtg blk kt Ayu ask the same question.

“You sure you don’t want anything miss?”

Hadoii… Kadang2 org mcm ni rimas pun ye jgk but where can you get a good, polite customer service nowadays? He’s one of the kinds! Sempat jgk tgk name tag dia. Haha.

ps://He’s not Malay and definitely not a Muslim. By looking at his name tag pun dh tau. Plus I saw he’s smoking outside the building. I guest he’s having his lunch break.

{From Ayu with ♥}


Lala said...

erm, lala pernah keje bank jugak. tapi once dh salah bagi nombor, kite tetap kene layan ja. tak pernah suruh amik no lain.

maybe ade rules lain kat cimb tu.huhu

~ thalhazlin ~ said...

ayu, hurm. tak pernah kene lagi cam gitu. tapi, memang berasap jugak la kan kalau dah tunggu apatah lagi tgh rushing, then kene tunggu balik? wa.. tak dapat bayangkan camana kalau ayu direct cakap cam gitu. hihik ;p

Nora a.k.a Aira said...

nora xpernah kena lagi camtu , xpe sabar sifat mulia =)

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