Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wedding Preparations (Door Gift) | Part 2

Sub Title : Ribbons 

For those yg bertanya psl ribbon yg Ayu beli.

This are all the ribbons that I have so far. 2 yg kt belakang tu Ayu recycle dr ribbon time Ayu tunang je. Jimat!
Pardon me. Ayu x tau yg ni brape inch and brape meter but the price was RM 12.50 per roll.
Yg blakang = 1 inch, 13m, RM 3.50. Bought at Kedai Bunga Riben, Plaza City One
Yg depan = Half inch, 11m, RM 0.90. Bought at Sin Yin, Semua House

Personally, better beli ribbons kt Sin Yin. Trust me, lg murah! Like for example. Ribbon yg 1 inch tu harga dia RM 3.50 kt Plaza City One for 13m but kt Sin Yin dpt RM 2.90 tp utk 11m. In terms of colours, I prefer Sin Yin. This is not pink but this is pink belacan (just like my engagement colour for my outfit) That's why susah ckit nk cr ribbon warna ni. Once dh jmpa kami terus grab.

Remember this? [Post] That's my ribbons. Ayu angkut semua! :D
Actually my theme wedding bkn pink belacan. Main theme dia colour lain. Tp sbb nk recycle ape yg ada, Ayu ambik je pink belacan for my ribbons colour. Plus, it suit my door gift's box so perfectly (well at least di mata saya)

Hope pada yg bertanya ttg ribbons tu, here they are. Ok I know my ribbons murah je. X de budget la nk beli yg grand2 bagai. Ini jela yg den mampu. Alhamdulillah =)

{From Ayu with ♥}


lovelyadibah said...

owh kt sin yin murah eyh?ok2.thanks for sharing ayu!:)

adorable ~A.N.A said...

ayu sin yin dkat mane dear? ape lagi ade jual kat situ?

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Dba : Bg Ayu Sin Yin murah and byk choice. Klu korg rasa mahal skali pun mayb rezeki korg dpt kt tmpt lain yg lg murah =)

ANA : Sin Yin kt dlm Semua House, 1 floor ngan food court kt Masjid Jamek. Senang cite, g masjid jamek, cr Semua House. Msk Semua House then akan nmpk tangga. Turun tangga akan nmpk food court belah kiri. Sebelum ke food court ada 1 lorong (kt lift) msk lorong tu then akan jmpa kedai Sin Yin =)

Cik Puan Mimi said...

ayu..mimi pon beli kt sin yin.
mmg harga die murah. same la ribbon kite. x same color je.hihih

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Mimi : *hiks*hiks*

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