Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He's Back For Good =)

Today would be his last day working in Malacca. Actually hr ni 5rz half day kt Melaka and half day kt KL (HQ) He's got new job and will be starting this Friday. Duhh! Better start next Monday je. Alhamdulillah after this, no more long distance relationship (LDR). HQ br dia nnti dekat Shah Alam but he will be based in KL. Alhamdulillah. X dela 5rz penat sgt asyik berulang tiap2 mggu walaupun hanya dr KL ke Melaka. Congrats to him. 

Ayu masih kempunan x dpt merasa coconut shake kt Melaka tu! The last time I went there, that place closed and I never knew, that would be my last time went to Malacca to see him. We always can come back later on but the feeling rasa cam dh different. 

Anyhow, here's a pictures when I was there not so long time ago.

Plastik tu utk korg letak kasut. Dlm muzium ni ada tmpt yg korg kena bukak kasut, so they provide you with the plastic bag

Tgk kt sebelah sana tu. Ntah apelah pembangunan yg depa nk wat lg tu

I always wanted to come here. Byk kali dtg Melaka nk visit 5rz tp x pnah berkesempatan nk msk muzium ni. 

Muzium Samudera

Cuaca time tu sgt panas and terik. X de angin pun.
Entrace fee utk msk muzium ni murah je. RM 3 per person. X sangka dpt msk muzium ni gak last time g Melaka. But still. Ayu kempunan coconut shake tu! Sape tau kt KL ni mana nk cr coconut shake? 5rz suruh wat sendiri je. :( 

ps:// To Nuri, I'm gonna miss you so much! And not to forget your house mates. Thank you so much sbb slalu layan Ayu mcm princess whenever I went there to see my 5rz. Terima kasih sbb sudi tumpangkan Ayu utk bermalam kt umah you all masa Ayu kt Melaka. Kadang2 tu smpi Nuri sanggup kasi her room so that Ayu selesa tdo dlm blk n dia tdo luar. I told you that they treated me like princess. Next time jmpa time wedding eh? Insya-Allah =)

pss:// Nuri was 5rz's ex class mate back in Perak and also his office mate. 

{From Ayu with ♥}

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