Friday, July 2, 2010

Service TNB Slow Motion!

No offence ya. I just wanted to share my experience. I don’t know what went wrong that night. Tetiba dengar bunti meletup letup kt umah. I was in my room browsing the internet when suddenly lampu kt blk malap2. Quite scary though. Then everybody was like turun bwh to see what happen. Bekalan letrik umah kami terbakar. And syiling garaj dh hitam. Huahhhh. Kt situ la berpuncanya letupan-letupan td. So my dad decided to switch off the main power. He called TNB and report what happened. It was 2045 that time. Guess how many hours we have to wait in the dark? Almost 5 hours! The hell 5 hours with no electric at all. All of us grab a chair and sit down at our garden waiting for TNB staffs to come. My dad really pissed off that night. He and my mum called TNB like a zillion times. Operator x abis2 dok ckp dh ada dlm record and nnti we will take action. But the thing is, take action ape kejadahnya! Smpi kul 2300 x sampai2 lg. My dad said that he wanted to make a report about this. But x tau la now dh take action or not. Anyway, kul 1 pagi the next day br la TNB smpi. Check2 then boleh plak org TNB tu ckp another one and the half hour kteorg akn dtg lg utk bwk ntah ape ntah. I was so sleepy so I couldn’t be bothered to ask why they can’t do it now. Perhaps they don’t bring enough tools or what so ever. I went to my room and continue to sleep.

Next day I woke up, every things back to normal. So pegi dapur and ask my mom what time they finished last night. My mum said around 3 in the morning. Huhu poor my nephew, Akif. Sure x lena tdo dia smalam. Hey same goes to me. Ayu asyik berkipas je atas katil.

Then boleh plak terjd kejadian yg Ayu x suka dlm blk Ayu pg tu eh. Lilin yg Ayu bakar mlm td semua cair. So jdnya menitik nitik kt blk Ayu. Ada 1 je candle yg Ayu alas ngan paper. The rest abis kotor blk den. If the TNB staffs x dtg lmbt on that night, surely my room x kn jd mcm ni. Hmmm it’s ok. Every thing happens for a reason.

Klu air lilin tu tmph cam ni Ayu boleh terima lg. Background gmbr konvo time diploma. Wee~~~ rindunya zaman study!

Rak buku ni paling teruk kena air lilin. Menitik nitik smpi ke karpet. Abis jahanam semua.

Satu candle ni je yg Ayu alas paper. Yg Ayu alas paper x nk plak dia menitik. Yg x alas plak yg menitik nitik. Adeh.

Bear kangaroo ni pun abis kesian kaki dia. Cam kena masuk simen. X boleh dh nk watpe. Terpaksa la bersama sama ngan candle tu eh. Abaikn bendera Jepun di belakang. Bendera tu Ayu dpt time Ayu kt Jepun dulu. (Saya masih sayang Malaysiaku.....)

Tetiba kt dining table air lilin membentuk heart shape. Berebut nk benda ni ngan adik. Haha

ps:// Maafla gmbr kurang memuaskn. Guna kamera hp capuk je pun.

{From Ayu with ♥}


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

ayu kenapakah tak alas? atleast with pinggan, hehe, bergelimpangan lilin tu cair, but anyway a mess yang jadi hearshape, comel!

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Kenapa x alas? Sbb igtkn TNB punya service ok. Skali gitu jdnya. That heart shape still Ayu simpan. Comel kn kn kn?

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