Friday, October 29, 2010

Amazing Race Season 4 | Episode 5

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Have you been watching Amazing Race Asia last night? Suka sgt! Ada bungee jumpee. That one masa ada road block task. They have to choose either 1 of 2 task. Sama ada nk bungee jump or main buai. Tp bkn buai kt atas tanah tu. Buai kt udara tu. Both task actually mmg sgt scary as for me la. Oh klu la Ayu msk. Mau nangis! Ayu gayat. Klu dua2 task x mau buat, kena 4 hours penalty. 

Tp bila dh tgk dua2 task smalam, I think I prefer to swing than jump even though both will be done at the same height. Plus, it could save time coz when we swing, we can swing together with our partner. So kira skali arung je. Because you are swing together with your partner, in case you scared, you can hug your partner. More secured I guess? Compared to bungee jump, you have to wait for your partner, then you can do yours. Twice the work right?

Personally, both task pun scary lah. Lama dh Ayu x update about this race kn? So actually skrg team dh tggl 6 and sadly last night, one of Malaysian team dh klua. We now can rely on Ethan and Khairie! Go go go!

1st one to arrived last night. I think they'll make it to top 3. (Philippines)

2nd to arrived. I like Natasha though. She's cute! (Indonesia)

3rd. This team are very close to the Malaysian boys. They always help each other. J(Singapore)

4th. (Philippines) 

5th. Last Thursday they were first. Never mind. Go!go!go! They'll make it to top 3 too! Mesti support Malaysia kn? (Malaysia)

6th. This girls not bad tau! Stamina diaorg mmg bagus sgt2. Tgk la body diaorg. Very fit. (India)

Eliminated last night. They switch the task from bungee jump to swing coz Hilda was so terrified to jump  (Malaysia)

Eliminated last week. (India)

Eliminated last 2 weeks. (Hong Kong)

First to be eliminated. (Indonesia)

Oh sgt suka Amazing Race Asia!

{From Ayu with ♥}


sk said...

sy pon suke gila TARA! yg ulangan pon dok tgk byk kali.. hehe..

dr last nite nye episode, sy buat conclusion yg ivan tu mmg pasangan yg sgt sesuai dgn hilda tu. hilda tu kan dr dulu dok whining mcm2, bising je kan. whereas ivan is very calm, loving n penyabar. even diaorg eliminated pon ivan takdela frust sgt2 kan. sweet sgt.. :)

iedayah said...

chop..kak ayu g x xora kawen?if g,nk tmpang bleh?

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

sk : Suka TARA gak eh? Jom nk kte team up msk nest season? Wah! Mcm tough je Ayu ni kn? Ivan tu mmg sgt calm la. Dia ikt je ckp bini dia. Sesuai la ngan Hilda mcm tu :)

Dayah : Sayang! Akak x g la dear. Dh 1 week x jmpa 5rz. Mggu dia blk so paham2 jela :)

Khumaera Ismail said...

mcm best umah tade astro na tgk..huhu~ err--ke kt tv tv3 ade tyg? huahuahua..

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Khumaera : Mmg best la dear. X de mcm2 nye. Mmg confirm besh! :) Dia setiap Khamis kul 2100 kt AXN. Tv3 x dela :(

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