Friday, October 29, 2010

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Promo!

While I was reading a newspaper this morning, Ayu terpaku sat. Oh my Dior! I text 5rz about that promo then he said that if I want it, he can pay my monthly bill. Hehe. J Tp bila pk all the pros and cons, nahh. X payah la. Rugi? Adalah gak rasa cam tu tp x pelah. I guess bkn rezeki lg. (Ayat sedapkan hati) So what's the promo?

They having a press conference on the new release of this phone today at Pavilion KL (in front of La Bodega) starting from 3pm. For the first 10 lucky customers will get the phone from RM 8. The next 100 customers will get it at RM 488 and the following 100 customers, RM 888. But but but! You must sign up a Celcom package la for sure. Mana ada nk beli phone je kn? The Celcom package tu you all kena stay for at least 1 year. Kira ada contract la ngan Celcom.

For those out there yg teringin sgt nk this smart phone, better grab this now k? Celcom wat hr ni je. Even though they start at 3, be there early ye coz last time yg waktu kt KLCC  hr tu sgt la ramai okies? Best luck to all!

ps:// Both image are from google

{From Ayu with ♥)


ElyaElmo said...

derangg suke sgt wat promooo masa waktu kejee....*sigh*

farahfatihah said...

wahhh promo lagik!

iedayah said...

wa..dpt 1 pn best gk ni..kak ayu bli tuk sy bley x..hihi

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Elya : Yup cam ntah pape kn? Klu ye pun nk wat time keja, kasi tau la awal so that org lain boleh apply cuti ke kn?

farah : Yup2. Lg2 promo :)

Dayah : Akak plak belikn utk Dayah? Akak pun pki hp getah je ni ha

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