Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gigi Putih! Hehe Chumel

Morning everyone! 

Harus ceria pg2 ni. Esk nk raya. Wee~~~ B4 Ayu blk kmpg jap lg, meh Ayu nk share this cute  video with a cute person. Heh?

Ben ni sgt chumel la plak. Full name? Ben Bradshaw. Nick name? Ben, Baca? or gigi putih. Handsome pun handsome. Tp bg Ayu, he's more to cute! Me loike it! Very much! Dia ni nk blaja ckp Melayu tp from the video itself mmg dh ok dh pun cuma slang org putih tu still ada. But what to expect? Standard la org Melayu pun klu ckp English mmg cannot 100% boleh sama slang ngan mat salleh. Actually byk je video2 lain ttg Ben ni n ada gak mat2 saleh yg lain yg mmg dh pandai ckp Melayu but I just nk share video yg ni la. Simple because he's adorable! Chumel sgt! Anyway dh try add dia kt fb tp acc dia dh full so x pelah. Like dia punya page je. Hehe. 

Brief info about Ben :
  • He learn how to speak Malay when he was staying in Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) for 1 year.
  • He speaks to local so that he can master the language.
  • Buy some books so that he have other alternative to achieve his goal but he prefer to speak with local coz practice makes perfect.
  • He also can speak in Chinese but not as fluent as Bahasa Melayu. 
  • He's 23. (13 September 1987)
  • He's doing Mechanical Engineering in Utah.
  • I can say, he's a traveler coz dh byk negara dia lawat.
  • 1 hari boleh tmbh 300++ friends request kt FB (No wonder skarg dh full.) *sigh* 
  • He's coming to Malaysia next month on 20th until 28th but doesn't mention where he's going. Me want to see you, me want to see you!

This video was taken here

Oh ya. I also found one video yg mmg dibuat utk Ben. Yela dh kate nk tolong Ben but I don't like it kot?  My opinion la. Sorry ye. (Oh Ayu. Kamu jealous ngan pompuan tu kn?) Hehe. Meh tgk video pompuan cantik ni kt sini.

ps://Drive safety. Harap semua selamat pergi and selamat pulang termasuk Ayu and 5rz.

pss://Babe I tau u nk ckp ape. I'm a good stalker. Hehehe

{From Ayu with ♥}

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