Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wedding Preparations (Hall) Part 6

As always, this matter never been settled for ages! So the man of the house decided to let go of Dewan B and trying our luck for Dewan C [Post] So, atas jasa baik Kak Fareeza (SIL), Kak Ita (best friend Kak Fareeza) and abg ipar Kak Ita, our date had been booked. But (there's always but heh?) the deposit can only be paid next year since my wedding not until next year. Never mind about that. Skrg pun dh December. Insya-Allah x lama lg dh msk bln January. 

My worried skrg ni because of this hall is going through renovation. (start renovate bln December. Br je lg) Takut by the time I'm getting married dh siap renovate ke hall tu nnti? Tp dh klu I manage to booked our wedding date tu kira selamat la kot kn? I mean, x kn la diorg senang2 ambik tempahan klu diaorg tau renovate x leh siap dlm masa ditetapkn? Am I right? (Ayat sedapkn hati) Kena doa byk2. 

Even though, kami dh start booking mana yg patut. Dulu Ayu pnah ckp yg Ayu susah nk booking segala mcm persiapan sbb masalah dewan yg x pnah settle2 dr dulu lg. Even Kak Fareeza pun dh ckp insya-Allah ok nye dewan tu boleh siap before Ayu nk tawen nnti. Amin.

So x pelah. Tggu jela bln January depan utk bayar deposit. Insya-Allah klu dh bayar deposit tu rasa cam secure byk kot? Please pray for me. I'm begging you.

Oh another thing, sbb dh tukar dewan maka wedding date kami pun bertukar. This one I'll be announce later (ye saya tau saya gedik. Nk rahsia2 plak!)

{From Ayu with ♥}

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